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A Lakeside Address

The Vembanad is one of India’s largest lakes and wetland eco systems that is home to many species of rare plant,bird and animal life.

Unlike other addresses of repute,the Coconut lagoon has a singular lakeside one that adds immeasurably to its charm and character. Located upon the Vembanad in the Kuttanad district of Kerala, our resort is privy to all the life that abounds in this unique lake,both natural and human. Beautiful and enormous as it is, the Vembanad is today an ecologically fragile system that is in need of deep attention from us humans

We at Coconut Lagoon are deeply aware of the lake’s delicate state and take care not to add to its fragility in every way possible. Our operations and initiatives take into account this delicate trade-off between man and lake, allowing for regeneration and replenishment along with careful resource use.

For, in the end, we owe our success and continuity to the benediction of this magnificent lake over any man made idea or edifice.

Kumarakom village

  • Nearest Airport : Kochi
  • Nearest town : Kottayam
  • Railway station : Kottayam
  • Attractions : Backwaters and its villages ; lakes, lagoons and paddy fields ; traditional wooden homes.
  • Travel Tips : Carry light cottons and knit wear as the climate is tropical , insect repellents and sunblock , and a basket full of smiles!