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Art & Culture
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CGH Earth understands the importance of keeping artistic traditions alive and provides space at its properties for their display and expression - be it theatre, music, dance, craft or painting.
Our measures are proactive. We organise art camps that bring together new and established artists from various backgrounds to participate in dialogues that help understand and foster their craft. The restaurants and common areas of our properties double as galleries and stages for artists and performers.

Additionally, all our properties serve as platforms and opportunities to exhibit local skills and techniques. They provide occasions for local craftsmen and artisans to incorporate time honored practices that are part of a distinct body of traditional architectural design and building procedure unique to a location.

Supporting local artisanal skills

Every CGH Earth resort ends up becoming a piece of crafted art employing local materials and artisans who best represent that tradition be they woodworkers, tilemakers, handloom weavers or craft makers of many sorts. For example we interact closely with the handmade tile makers of Athangudi, the handloom weavers of Chettinad, the traditional wood carvers and coir product makers of Kerala, the artisanal carpenters and boatmen who work on the houseboats and such like.

Supporting local and rare art forms

We are committed to the preservation and promotion of various traditional art forms at our destinations that are on the decline for want of an audience.
We particularly seek out rare and unusual forms and arrange for their display and performance at our properties so that guests can witness something unique even as we take pride in giving these art forms another lease of life. This deep engagement with local art and culture is an integral part of our brand ethos. Promoting Ottamthullal, an old and rare yet fading dance style of Kerala, is something we are deeply committed to fostering. Our support for the rare tile making style of Athangudi in the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu is another example of keeping the local and traditional alive as much as possible.

Hosting art camps for local artists

We frequently hold art camps to facilitate the meeting of artists of various schools to generate productive dialogues that help understand their unique approaches and styles. These camps are also aimed at giving upcoming artists a chance to display their work to newer audiences. David Hall, our cafe and gallery in Fort Kochi, has now become an address to find ‘good art’ from promising new comers, many of whom are also local. Our commitment to art goes so far that they ‘get inside’ our properties quite literally. Some of our resorts double as galleries and stages for artists and performers, helping to create awareness and build appreciative audiences for unique art and craft forms of a particular region.