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CGH Earth perceives itself as part of a larger community with which it co-exists symbiotically. It has a purposeful and cherished relationship with the host communities where its many properties are located.
These communities equally lend that special character to our operations- with their idiosyncratic lifestyles, cultures and practices- as much as the places themselves with their unique flora and eco systems. Apart from being integrated harmoniously with our local communities we are always open to learn things from them that will make us more sensitive to the land and its people, like their ways of building and living that are gentle upon the earth! We have vast numbers of locals, both employed and associated, in various capacities across all our properties. Their intimate knowledge of the region and its unique ways give us an advantage that goes beyond good business sense. It fosters a lasting relationship that is rooted in mutual respect, support, sharing and growth for all concerned.

Small in scale, large in scope

We lend constant support to small scale decentralised production units in our destinations, making them a significant part of our local supply chains. They are quite varied in their nature and include farmers, milk vendors, weavers and a host of other vendors of local goods and services. We have also forged close ties with local women's groups that make a variety of products from coir, candles for our rooms, pappadams for our restaurants and the handwoven traditional cotton towels that have become our signature over the years. In supporting and valuing locally produced goods and services we believe we are contributing our bit to the continued flourishing of local enterprises.

Local at heart

Our love for all things local extends to people as well. Our properties are staffed with members of the local communities who bring with them that unique ‘local touch’, which stands at the heart of authentic guest experiences that we are known for. We interact with the local populace at many levels – through offering employment and through the purchase of various local goods and services, giving rise to a web of mutually dependent connections. The presence of locals in our midst makes for a distinct synergy that benefits all concerned – the community, us and you.
Welcome to the world of the local.

Development for all

Our pledge to local prosperity does not begin or end with employing locals and strenghtening the local economy through procuring essential goods and services for our needs. While these are important, we are also keen that the communities of our destinations benefit from our knowledge of and commitment to environmental protection and social development that we are keen to share and disseminate where needed. These include rain water harvesting techniques, tree planting initiatives, wildlife conservation and education that we foster in consultation and partnership with local governing bodies for the betterment of the collective.